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from Taylor

Hogwarts Legacy Logo
September 17th 2010. I was still in PreMed at The University of Southern Mississippi living in that shitty little apartment off West 4th Street with the terrible brown carpet and the guy below me who played Smoke On The Water poorly on his out of tune guitar thrice daily. It was a Friday, and I only had a few afternoon classes and had just gotten back to the ol desk and sat down to catch up on some SomethingAwful threads (back when it was still a good forum). I'd been seeing rumblings about the game Minecraft for a while, but as a broke college student whos greatest luxury was getting Lil' Caesers every few weeks, I wasn't at a surplus of cash to throw down on Early Access games. Well as luck would have it, Notch fucked up the login system and decided to just let everyone play the game for free that weekend. I seized on it of course, and downloaded the game and logged in around 6PM. Being 13 years ago almost so I don't recall all the details, but what I remember most is that after logging in, I got absorbed into the game, only being pulled out what I assumed was a few hours later when I realized I hadn't had supper.
It was 3AM.
Great story Taylor, but what's the point? The point is that's the only time a game has been able to wrap me up like that, to entirely envelop my entire being into it. Until now. I'm older now and thing's have changed of course, but as I closed Hogwarts Legacy last night, and realized I had sunk a cool 10+ hours into the game completely interrupted, I had to pause for a moment to consider how good a game has to be to pull me in like that once again.
To preface: I will not be addressing or even mentioning any relation to Clown World Culture War bullshit in this review. It's stupid, probably manufactured, and almost certainly a marketing gimmick. YOU ARE NOT IMMUNE TO PROPAGANDA.
To go back into the past for a second, I'm probably in the prime age range for who Harry Potter was intended for when it originally came out. I think I remember reading it first when I was 9, and it just blew my little redneck mind. I was already a fan of Tolkien at this point, so the British genre of fantasy writing was just crack for me. Now, I quickly outgrew it as kids do, but I've always retained a soft spot for the series in my heart despite Rowling insisting on making everyone gay for some reason. The movies too were great, but there was never a game that really encapsulated the magic of Harry Potter. Sure, the movie tie in games weren't terrible but they're old, janky, and just rehashes of the books. So when Hogwarts Legacy got leaked a few years ago, I near about pissed myself with excitement. Naturally of course I ordered the Deluxe Edition because I have more money than sense, but mainly I wanted to get that head start and play as soon as possible. The preorder bonuses are ok, nothing great, and the mount included isn't even unlocked until DEEP unto the game, well after the midpoint of the main quest.


enter image description here
A bold, but appreciated, choice by the developers was to place the game in the late 19th century, far from any of the events of the main Harry Potter story, even predating Tom Riddles birth by about 30 years. The game focuses on the lost art of Ancient Magic and a small band of Hogwarts professors who worked to hid the truth of it from those that would abuse it. Ancillary to this is the backdrop of a Goblin uprising led by a Dark Arts wielding Goblin named Ranrock. You, the main character, are a 5th year just starting at Hogwarts, something very unheard of. You have little to no backstory, whether or not this is an intentional element to the story or just purely a chance for the player to project their own backstory on the character I am not yet sure, although I have my theories. Immediately you are thrown into the shit when a rogue dragon bites half of your carriage off, including a Ministry stooge (who I still say isn't dead. First rule of fiction: If you don't see a body, they aren't dead.) The game takes no time to introduce you to the main elements and players, as you work your way through the Scottish Highlands to the depths of Gringotts, and finally to Hogwarts as you begin to discover the Ancient Magic. I appreciated the ongoing trope of Main Characters in the HP Universe having the most arduous and fucked up journey to Hogwarts possible.
The game progresses mostly as such, with the addition of attending classes, completing (rather enjoyable) side quests for fellow students, and most of all, going on a HELL of a Collect-A-Thon. Now I know that lost one is super controversial. Some people DESPISE collection games, but as someone who grew up idolizing Rare games, especially the Banjo Kazooie series, there's something very Zen and nostalgic about running around and completing little puzzles for nothing more than completion percentage and little trinkets.
I found myself not even that annoyed of the side quests, and even actively sought them out along my way. Many of these games make the mistake of having these very involved side quests that take up a bunch of time and lead the player all across the map, but I found most of the side quests were very self contained to a small area, easily done while working on one of the larger Main Story quests.


enter image description here
Obviously, as a wizard (or witch), your primary weapon is magic, and an impressive arsenal are you given to wield. Most spells are divided into 4 or so “schools” of Control, Force, Damage, and Utility (Transfiguration and Unforgiveable Curses come in later, as well as some spells to feed and groom animals????) The primary wand flick attack feels anemic, but once you get the big fire spell, Incendo, you start to feel like a god. It's further enhanced later into the story as you unlock “Talents” that augment spells, essentially turning you into a 16 year murder machine. Oh yeah, that's another point, not strictly related to gameplay that I found odd. The books were mostly based towards children, and yes they were a coming of age story and did get rather dark around Goblet of Fire, but I was struck by just how quickly your character descends into just straight up mercing dudes, I mean just straight up pulverizing and turning brothers into ash. Very hardcore. The most satisfying of it all is the combos you can line up, throwing a guy up in the air then yeeting him across the room into a wall. The Force spells especially have some great potential for shenanigans and again, just feels so satisfying. The curses are late in the game, but are so cool. You feel like they're actually a mythic and unspeakable thing that you sacrifice part of your soul for using.
One of my favorite mechanics that I've gone on and on about is The Room of Requirement that gets introduced to you around midgame. A small pocket dimension of Hogwarts that allows the player to customize, build work stations and growing spots to cultivate herbs and other resources. You even eventually get a small menagerie to raise and breed magical animals (that you get by kidnapping them with the appropriately punned “nab-sack”).
Fairly early on you're taught how to fly on a broom, which completely changes how you traverse the map. Flying on the broom feels great, its not as in depth or fluid as say, World of Warcraft's recently release “Dragon Riding”, but it feels so good on Mouse and Keyboard, and can only assume it's more fluid on controller (which I didn't try). The hippogriffs are an “upgrade” to this system, but personally I found them way clunkier and less fluid.
The gear system feels superfluous, at best, and annoyingly tedious at worst. Your inventory fills up very quickly, and can only be increased by doing a bunch of Merlin Challenges across the map, which are also slightly tedious, but enjoyable enough. Later on via the Room of Requirement you can upgrade gear which makes it a little better, but still feels pointless. Clothes can have traits added to them like less damage from goblins or spiders, enhancing certain spells. It feels like a system that would be good if it turnover on gear wasn't so fast, but maybe I'm just playing it wrong. A big complaint from me regarding the gear especially is the way that cosmetic changes are gear based, instead of slot based, so when you replace an item you have to go through and change it custom appearance as well. It's the same in World of Warcraft, so you'd think I would be used to it, and yet here I am, still pissed.
I will say however, that the game is not free of many of the ills that have befallen Open World games. The map is huge, and I wont say empty, but not extremely varied outside of the castle and Hogsmeade. There's a plethora of challenges, little hamlets to explore, caves to delve for treasures, and powerful beasts to slay, but it just feels like something I've seen before (AC Odyssey, Fenix Immortal Rising) but with a new skin. This isn't a knock, it's just what it is, a consequence of Open World games, its a hard genre to reinvent. That said, what a Hell of a skin to put on it

Art and Sound

enter image description here
I'm not near as nostalgic for the Harry Potter theme as say, The Lord of the Rings soundtrack, but the magical whispy theme still fills me with that air of mystery and wonder. The design of the game feels very faithful to the near whacky design of the books, while keeping it realistic enough with its wonkard ass looking houses, It looks great, but warning: The game requires a fairly beefy rig to run maxed out. Even with my 3080 Ti, I encounter a good bit of chugging in certain areas of the world and more often, the castle. These are hopefully issues that can be ironed out in patches later on.
The major point of praise goes to the animations. Oh God it all feels so smooth. There's one specifically when you invoke the Ancient Magic attack and it throws someone up in the air and repeatedly bashes them into the ground. Just chef kiss. I just love the little things about it too: The way the Slytherin door reveals itself, how people and things do that weird whirly thing when they teleport. All these little things together just makes the whole experience so fluid and visceral.
With the story changes, so too does the world change. You start in a nice fall atmosphere with slow changes into Halloween and Christmas as the school term progresses. Hogwarts turning into a Winter Wonderland wasn't something I expected, but mounting up on the broom and swooping around the snow covered landscape was so nice, especially considering it was in the 70s outside that day.
Two of my primary complaints are also fairly big ones. Firstly, there's an option to pitch your characters voice, but it makes it sound very unnatural, tinny and canned. When I streamed the game on Early Access launch day, everyone said they didnt hear it, but its there. Secondly, I see a lot of uncanny stuff with the faces I don't like, especially with the player character. Feels almost like LA Noir.

Final Thoughts

enter image description here
Did it live up to the hype? More than yes, which is refreshing to see. So many games in the past decade or so have been hyped to the moon and fallen well short (thought most later on got patched up to be decent to good games i.e. Cyberpunk and especially No Man's Sky). I want to see more from this game. I'm not finished with the game yet and I already know I won't be satisficed by the end. I want Quidditch DLC, I want a Triwizard DLC, maybe even a Ministry DLC. But most of all, and I wont hold my breath, but I want a mode of this game that makes the game more role playable for infinite replay value. It wasn't how the game was pitched, but I was very disappointed to find there's almost no immersiveness to the game. Common rooms have no real use, classrooms are just part of scripted cutscenes. I'm not sure what the modding potential of this game is, but if possible, would love to see what the community can come up with.


A great game that looks great, feels great, and sounds great that will only get better with time. Well worth the money, but maybe pass on the Deluxe Edition.


from Taylor

Tits. Sorry, breasts. Dammit, take 3: Big ol sloppy bazongas. I can’t get them off my mind, because nothing else about Spy Classroom was noteworthy enough to talk about, aside from the MCs giant knockers. Distractingly large, really. I’d had hope for this, unfortunately. After the success of Spy X Family and this seasons Buddy Daddies, I’d hoped we were in a GOLDEN AGE of spy animes. Well, maybe with those two, but Spy Classroom ain't one of ‘em.

We follow our large chested protag, Lily, a bottom percentile student at a spy school. Spy schools exist in this world by the by, I’m not 100% sure why but something about war being Hell and never changing, I don’t know, I was distracted by her HUGE TITS. Seriously. You might be thinking I'm exaggerating this. I am not. I’ve seen big anime tits before but, this is supposed to be a psuedo-serious show and we’re supposed to take Lily at least a little serious but how can you when shes hauling those milk wagons around? “Taylor, is this review just about Lily’s breasts?” Yes, but I digress. A great war is coming and a crack team of spies is needed to avert it. Similar beats to Spy x Family, actually. By crack spies I of course mean a bunch of other failures and bottom of the barrels students like Lily, including the cool silver haired Monika, voiced by my personal queen, Aoi Yukki and the only reason I gave this show a passing glance. This is where it starts to feel like a harem, and where the “comedy”? I think is supposed to begin. The sensei tasked with this is a master spy, maybe the best in the world, but completely inept at teaching the students who realize they’re cannon fodder, meant to get clapped during the “Impossible Mission” they are tasked with. I say comedy because it’s not very funny, yeah I got a few chuckles, maybe even, dare I say, a chortle, but overall it felt forced and a little bit cringe. The climax of the episode was a Battle of the Wits between teacher and student when Lily poisons her sensei to try and get him to, uh, not suck at teaching? Seems extreme but ok. Anyways BIG shocker it doesn’t work, he outsmarted her like a Dollar General Light versus L, but less fun and with MUCH bigger tits.

Like most anime's from feel., it looks good enough. They've been consistent enough that it’s competent, but this is no Hinamatsuri or Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU. What’s wild is the source material for this is apparently highly rated and praised, another part of what had me interested. I don’t know if something was lost in the transition from manga to anime or if it was just overrated, I don’t know, but going purely of the first episode, this is a drop for me. That’s it, that’s the review. It sucks. Except Lily’s tits.


from Taylor

OK, here's the pitch: 2 guys. One, a handsome playboy, well rounded guy, cooks, dresses well, lover of the ladies. The other? John Wick if he was a hikikomori. Wow, what a show, yeah? Well hold on, lemme add a little Chemical X to this: A cute and precocious little girl they have to now take care of.

Buddy Daddies Logo

That’s Buddy Daddies in a nutshell, and despite the terrible name, is an absolute gem of an anime (as well as my darkhorse for the 2023 Winter Season). An original by P.A. Works, Buddy Daddies first episode blew my expectations away. Yes, I thought it looked good from the blurb and the PV, but frankly I expected mediocre animation and some ok comedy, but no, I was hooked in the first few minutes. Despite being a completely underrated and looked over show for the season, it FEELS like a big anime and its clear P.A. Works is actually trying on this (Unlike Fairy Gone). Being an original had me worried for a minute, given the poor track record originals have had in the past few years, Listeners most notably coming to mind. A stark departure from Charlotte for director Yoshiyuki Asai, Buddy Daddies feels like it could easily turn out to be the comedy of the year.

The characterization between the two main characters: Kazuki, the aforementioned playboy, and Rei, the silent assassin who seems more content playing JRPGs in their apartment than out killing for a living, is what really sells the show. It could frankly have just been built around the two of them in an Odd Couple style show, but adding in the third element of Miri, the airheaded girl oblivious to the gore and carnage around her just adds to the shows charm. The first episode merely set up the characters and how they all came to be, including Rei and Kazuki murdering Miri’s deadbeat father (after he held the little girl hostage in a ploy to stop the assassins). Did I mention how cute Miri was, because its honestly painful. Literal pain at how unbearably cute and precious she is. It all ties in perfectly to Kazuki’s brief flashes to a family he was forced to leave behind, clearly tortured by that loss. It’s a compelling dynamic, especially for Kazuki who preaches against attachments in their dangerous life as assassin’s, understanding the risks and being unable to be there for loved ones.

Fujo Bait

Art wise, the show just looks great, I mean has PA Works ever put out a turd? Yes, ok Fairy Gone but that was CG and there’s none of that here. The only problem I had, and this is purely on me, was that Kazuki reminds me too much of Kazuya from Rent-A-Girlfriend and it makes me uncomfortable. Of course it’s purely a visual thing, character wise they couldn’t be further apart but I just look at him and every time I do I think of that stupid cuck who wont date best girl (Ruka). Miri is just great, everything about here is pure sugar. Watching her face light up as she digs into a cake is a balm for a weary soul. I swear half the budget went into animating her.

I would go to war for this smile

Can I recommend Buddy Daddies? Not only can I, I should and I will. This is a MUST watch, and honestly, I think it applies to everyone. Im recommending this to normie friends, weeb friends, CGDCT friends, everyone. Honestly believe it has that level of appeal because its such a mainstream premise. Who doesn’t want to see where the life of two polar opposite hitmen trying to take care of a little girl goes? I know I do, and I’ll be tuning in every week, excited the second I see it hit Plex, I mean the totally legal streaming service I use.


from Taylor

Scarlet Logo

For reference throughout this review, I played the Scarlet version. Not that it makes too much of an impact but I think I'm fair in saying that if you played Violet you’re a Communist who hates America and punches babies and voted for Jill Stein.

Time has begun slipping away at a rate I am officially uncomfortable with. Seems like just yesterday the hype for Sword and Shield was building, and now that generation has come and gone and here we are with yet ANOTHER entry to the series. Getting old, am I right guys? (Loud booing) Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, set in the exotic locale of uh, Spain, promises a brand new and fresh look into the world of Pokemon in Game Freaks second iteration on the Switch. Looking to build off the Switches improved resources, they decided to double dip into the “Open World” concept, sprinkling in some lessons learned from Arceus and boy howdy, it’s a concept.

MILF Alert!

Right off the bat, I’ll address the Phanpy in the room. If you thought Sword and Shield ran poorly, then buckle up. I’m a snob for graphics. I'm sorry I just am I know, God ,the worst but it is what it is. Personally the most jarring and off putting things have been the pisspoor LOD in all of its 5 polygon glory and the, literal, 5 FPS background animations of NPCs just outside render distance. It’s bad, it really is folks. And it doesn’t stop there. Texture quality across the board is subpar, even compared to Sword/Shield and Arceus. Lighting bugs and wonky shadows really round out the crap show that is the graphics.

Literally 5 FPS

Gameplay wise, it’s a whole other story. Its a Pokemon game, you know what you're getting, but Arceus definitely taught Gamefreak some lessons, as the entire game now is open world, Pokemon roam freely, and for me the most important bit, no forced trainer fights. Embarrassing to admit, but trainers in Sword kicked my ass. Is it me getting old? Do I just suck? I don’t know, but I was getting dookie chuted time and time again when I went up against 9 year old little Mary Sue with her Pokemon bending me over for a spanking. Tough scene! Items are collected throughout the overworld as in all games and the design is fairly linear to begin with, but from what I understand later on it becomes anything but. Functionally Terastallization feels no different than Mega Evolutions, and serves essentially the same function. At least it looks cool.

Story, well, there’s a story, but for me it’s mostly overshadowed by the stalker mamacita “rival” of the series Nemona who serves as your constant tour guide and potential future rabbit boiler. (That’s a Fatal Attraction reference for the Zoomers reading. It’s a good movie. Don’t stick your dick in crazy.) The “Team” bad guys are back, this time as a constant background gang instead of a group of simps for a 10 year old girl. The game revolves initially around some Harry Potter ass stuff as you find yourself enrolled in a prestigious Pokemon trainer school and then go on to, I don’t know, probably break up organized crime and fight God. I haven’t played the entire game but I’ve got a 50% chance of one of those being right.

Ay dios mio...

Finally, and yes this deserves its own paragraph because I’m an A E S T H E T I C S chad: My PRIMARY complaint, as stupid as it is, comes down to the lack of customization. Whether we realized it or not, the last two entries on the Switch spoiled us with how much we could change our characters appearance from physical to clothes and accessory, and while the salons remain as do accessory stores, you are stuck for the entirety of the game with your school outfit. I realize the game is based around the school, yes. Yes I realize you can technically change the outfit into one of its 4 seasonal forms, but it’s not the same dammit. I play these games as glorified dress up simulators, OK? Take that away and what do I have left? A 50 hour game about catching Pokemon, training them during our adventures in which we meet and befriend a quirky cast of characters that we will grow to love and remember fondly for years to come? Lame!

So what’s the final verdict? It’s not a bad game, but it is a bad Pokemon game. Far and away the weakest of the mainline entries, and even among the spinoffs it’s down there pretty far. The Switch can only be blamed for so much of the shortcomings here. Plenty of other games like Xenoblade and even Arceus managed to squeeze a lot out of the little console, but Scarlet and Violet seemed to be barely trying, scrapping by purely on hype and name recognition. And to be fair, a lot of these problems can be solved with patches and DLC, but it shouldn’t have to come down to that, not from a franchise like this. If you love Pokemon, then you’ll love this despite its quirks and failures, but if you were hoping for a great new innovation or a groundbreaking entry from this timeless series, you might have to wait a little longer


from Taylor

Dollar Store K-ON. That’s what I called Bocchi the Rock when I first saw it on MyAnimeList a month ago, a Dollar Store K-On. That of course was before I noticed it was produced by the much loved Cloverworks, and after finally watching it, I have to admit I was wrong, which I’m man enough to do (because its so rare that I’m wrong). Bocchi the Rock is no Dollar Store K-On. Its Private Selection K-On.

Hitori Gotou, our pink haired protagonist sits along in her house lamenting what a loser she is. Her first year of middle school and nobody likes her, but resolves to change that through the power of music and friendship or something. Armed with her fathers Gibson guitar, Hitori spends the next 3 years mastering the art and making a grand total of 0 friends, but hey shes kinda famous online! Anyway one thing leads to another and another girl approaches her in a park and asks her to join a band and everyone cheers. Yeah but if I do it everyone yells at me and I have to register in a database. Fucking double standards. Their band sucks, to put it nicely, just jamming some instrumentals in a seedy below street level dive, but their hearts in it and Hitori, God bless her, she’s chipping way at that social anxiety. Watching her playing her guitar from her closet as she uploads clips to her YouTube is equal parts heartwarming and depressing, but not quiet as depressing as her trying to “put herself out there” in a way that would prompt her classmates to talk to her. But I think thats the most human part of the narrative: Putting the impetus of socializing on others to make the first move. If you're reading this and you do that, don't do it, it's dumb. Just go talk to people its not hard.

I’ve bitched a lot lately about how I’ve fallen off the slice of life moe train in the past few years. You’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all I keep saying, but Bocchi breaks out of that rut for me. Yeah the art style is real moe crap but the characters are real and honest enough to be relatable in their own weird ways so when they do their dumb cute faces it doesn’t have quiet the saccharine after taste that regular slice of life does. I even found myself actively cheering for little Hitori, weirdly enough. I WANT to see this retarded high school girl succeed. I WANT her to headline the Budokan.

Though this share’s many similarities with K-On, I was out of pocket to refer to it as a clone. Bocchi definitely has enough charm of its own to set it apart from the Cute Girls Doing Cute Rock Things genre that K-On so well defined. I won’t say it’s a much watch, but if you want to laugh while watching airheaded girls try and make a band, then try it out.


from Eevee

Star Wars Visions Poster

To preface this: I am not a Star Wars FAN by any means. I've seen a handful (I wanna say Episodes 4, 5, 6, 1, and 2) of the movies all over a decade ago. I've played a game or 2. Space things just aren't really my jam. That being said, I love short stories, anthologies, as well as being an anime enjoyer on occasion. My wife and I recently subbed to Disney+ to catch up on things that had come out in the last 2-3 years, and I noticed this, so I talked her into it. She was a fan of Love, Death & Robots on Netflix, so it wasn't too hard a sell. We sat down with our breakfast on Saturday morning expecting to watch a couple of these before getting on with our day, but we ended up binging the entire show in a sitting.

(fair warning, I'll be as spoiler free as i can be, but there might be some things so yunno, caution if you care)

(also: we watched the Dub, not sure if there is original JP audio or not, but anything voice-actor related will be referring to English)

Episode 1 – The Duel

Ep 1

> A wandering stranger with a mysterious past defends a village from powerful bandits.
The Duel was animated by Kamikaze Douga, who i know primarily from their work doing the OPs for Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders (both parts), and Stone Ocean. They knocked the animation and art for this episode out of the fucking park. HOME RUN. I am a huge sucker for dark, sketchy, gritty art styles, which this episode exudes.

The only negative thing I'll say about this episode is that its super DARK. Like, made me want to adjust the contrast on my TV kinda dark. There were a couple of scenes where it was a bit difficult to see what was going on. THAT BEING SAID, the darkness really helped the small pops of color they sprinkled into the episode really STAND OUT. Lightsabers glowing, a string of lights along a house roof, a droid's control panel, ect.

Really strong start to this series. Easily in my top 3 Eps.

Episode 2 – Tatooine Rhapsody

Ep 2

> A band with big dreams must save one of their own from Jabba the Hutt and Boba Fett.
Tatooine Rhapsody was animated by Studio Colorido who have done mostly things i'm not familiar with. Ill be forthright: this episode kinda sucked. Maybe not SUCKED, per se, but immediately following one of the stronger showings of this anthology it felt verylackluster.

Right off the rip we hear discussion of Jabba the Hut, and Boba Fett, which immediately took me out of “standalone anime anthology world” and into “oh yeah this is specifically Star Wars”. I'm sure some people really liked that nod/tie in, but was not for me. The art style was chibi-esque, which is cute but felt like a drastic departure from the episode prior.

I'm not going to tear the episode to shreds, but going from a 9/10 to a 4 or 5/10 gave me whiplash.

Episode 3 – The Twins

Ep 3

> Twins born into the dark side clash aboard a massive Star Destroyer.
The Twins was animated by Studio Trigger, who i know from Little Witch Academia, and the super recent Cyberpunk: Edgerunners. Both series' i really liked. This episode was full of bright colors, and really pretty animation. Felt VERY gainax-y (Panty + Stocking specifically) in the best ways. The Twins feels the most “ANIME” (read: “mainstream anime”) of the bunch so far.

This was the first episode i recognized the voice actors, the main dude being Neil Patrick Harris, and his sister voiced by Alison Brie (Annie – Community). I don't wanna say this was a negative, but it was a bit strange realizing it, when up till now I'd just focused on what i was seeing and hearing.

The climactic fight of this episode was a really gorgeous battle, but i wasn't super into the story. Obviously these are all short stories, but this was was a bit too short for my taste. I wasn't invested or hooked, but I did see it through. In the end this one ranked low-mid for me.

Episode 4 – The Village Bride

Ep 4

> A Jedi on the run takes in the unique customs of a remote village under threat by a warlord.
The Village Bride was animated by Kinema Citrus who I haven't watched any prior work of, but I have at least HEARD of Made In Abyss. Taylor and Prude will keep riding my ass to watch it likely.

Anyways, I liked this one a ton. The Art style was great, gave me some Mononoke vibes, which is a major compliment in my book. The voice acting was done fine. I think the main girl was voiced by Kiriko from The Boys?. This one ranked pretty highly for me. The story was good, and the characters likeable. My only gripe with this episode was that the climax was kind of lackluster. Likely just a me-thing, but I went into this series wanting cool fights, and this one was good all in all but meh compared to others in the series.

Episode 5 – The Ninth Jedi

Ep 5

> The daughter of a lightsaber-smith is pursued by dark forces while on a dangerous mission.
The Ninth Jedi was animated by Production_I.G who i know did the O-Ren Anime Sequence in Kill Bill Vol 1, among some other things. I should end up watching the recent FLCL works they did, but i haven't heard great things. This was another episode where I didn't recognize any voice actors/actresses immediately, but that's not a bad thing.

This episode SLAPPED, fullstop. It was the longest of any of the episodes, and they CRAMMED a whole ass story in there, nothing short about it. Great character development, proper twists and turns, good side/1-off characters, a great chase scene, and a pretty good ending fight scene. While its likely my #3, top 3 is still very gucci.

Episode 6 – T0-B1

Ep 6

> A cybernetic boy, who dreams of being a Jedi, discovers a dangerous truth about his creator.
T0-B1 comes to us from the animators at Science Saru, who I personally hadn't heard of before, but I guess they did some work on Space Dandy. The art kind of reminded me a bit of the real old animes like Astro Boy, but obviously more modern.

I loved the colors in this episode, a lot of lights and pastels which were very dreamy and surreal. The animation was the cutest of any of the episodes so far, as well. The story was well done, made me a lil sad, which i appreciate. The villain had a cool samurai-esque helmet via lighting, which i thought was neat. I was really rooting for T0-B1. Solid episode. ranked middle-high for me.

Episode 7 – The Elder

Ep 7

> A Jedi and his Padawan pursue a dark and powerful presence.

Studio Trigger brings their 2nd entry into Visions, with The Elder. Nothing new to be said about them, that being said: this was easily my #1 episode in the anthology. I don't even know why, because its not the “best”, there are better stories, and better art styles. All things considered though this one just clicked for me.

The character dynamic between the main padawan kid and the Jedi he travels with was well written and enjoyable. I really enjoyed the character designs of all the characters, but ESPECIALLY the villain. I was rooting for him the second he came on screen. As well, who doesn't love a sword fight in the rain? I know I do. The supporting “cast” from the village they visit was cute too :)

Episode 8 – Lop & Ochô

Ep 8

> A family is torn about what to do when the Empire encroaches on their planet.
Episode 8 was animated by Geno Studio, who are literal whos to me. The wiki only shows like 4 shows they have worked on, which i think is the least of any of the studios working on Visions. All in all i think this episode was pretty good. I ended up ranking it a bit lower than my personal fave episodes, but its SOLID.

Obviously to address the elephant in the room, this is very much the “Furry” episode. One of the main characters is an anthropomorphic ... rabbit? There are a ton of them as slaves pretty much in the opening scene, but once the main character leaves them, its just her for the rest of the episode (at least as far as anthros). This is strange since she does obviously stand out from the rest of the mostly human cast moving forward.

All things fur aside, this episode might have the best combo of story + art style (for me), maybe tied to or 2nd to The Ninth Jedi. Close none the less. The story doesn't feel rushed at all (it is the 2nd longest episode i suppose so I'd hope not), the art is gorgeous, especially the facial expressions and animations.

My only negative critique is that the end felt a bit.... cliffhangery, or unfinished/unsatisfyingly finished.

Episode 9 – Akakiri

Ep 9

> A Jedi returns to his forbidden love to help defend her kingdom from a Sith-like Shogun.

Last, but certainly not least, Akakiri was animated by Science SARU, the same studio who did T0-B1 (ep 6). This episode probably rounds out the end of my “higher tiered” episodes. I really loved the art style of this one, it felt a bit ethereal, a bit Ghibli, a bit sketchy. All things i enjoy thoroughly. If I'm honest, this episode might have had my favorite art of any of the episodes.

One thing i picked up on with this episode which i was missing in the others is the background music, which escalated up through the climactic fight. Really added to the scenes. The story was good. Ended in a choice I know I would have made if i were in the same shoes. It was a great bookend to the series (or season? who knows.)

Eevee Official Episode Ranking Tier List

tier list

  • S – Ep 7 The Elder, Ep 1 The Duel, Ep 5 The Ninth Jedi
  • A – Ep 4 The Village Bride, Ep 6 T0-B1, Ep 9 Akakiri
  • B – Ep 8 Lop and Ochō,
  • C – Ep 3 The Twins
  • D – Ep 2 Tatooine Rhapsody


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